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A one stop shop for your production needs

Ever wondered why your tracks don’t stand up to those you love? Question what you are doing wrong? 

We have the answers right here and it's all FREE!! No catch! This site is designed to reduce the struggle we all face when deciding we want to make music.....  

With over 20 years of music industry experience, £100's of K's on tuition fees and lessons we aim to streamline your journey into professional sounds and help you reach your potential.  

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Music is more than just a passion for us, it's our lives. Over the years we have worked in most areas of the music industry, but we live to make music and we offer many different services at very competitive prices.

(Due to the pandemic, we have reduced our rates)


Mixing and mastering


1 x Track £65

2 x Tracks £120

3 x Tracks £175


£25 per track


We are also offering feedback sheets on how we improved your mixes empowering you as an artist and supporting your personal development. 

Music production

At Dform Sounds, we have a team of excellent producers each specialising in specific genres. 

  • What we offer:

  • Arranging

  • Ghostwriting

  • Recording

  • Sound design

  • Sample creation and manipulation

  • VST patches

  • Processing chains and devices

  • Advice

  • Beat making

(Prices may vary depending on request)

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Sound engineering

Sound engineers available for small and large-scale events.

(Get in touch for very competitive prices)

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